How does Extra Mile work?

We work closely with casting directors and production professionals to fulfill any and all casting needs that may arise.  Our job is to help in assisting casting and production companies in locating talent.  By attaining and relaying your schedule to those that do the hiring, we help make the process easy and seamless for those looking to book talent on a daily basis.

Are we a talent agent or manager? 

We are not an agent nor a manager.  We are a subscription based service and a liaison between casting and talent - you give us your schedule, and we make sure it is conveyed to industry professionals who are hiring talent for bookings.   

Are there subscription fees to join Extra Mile?  

We charge a monthly subscription fee for Non Union talent.  The Non-Union fee is $50 per month. For Union talent and children (both Union and Non-Union talent under the age of 18), the fee is $10 per month (charged in one lump sum of $120 per year).  Spots are generally more limited and sporadic for Union and child subscribers, therefore we like to take more time to hone in concerning those schedules and ensure a full year to make the subscription fee worth it.  All fees and requirements are discussed once we receive your submission and call you in to register with us in-person.  

Do we take a percentage from your check when you work? 

Extra Mile is not an employer, agent or manager, nor do we take a percentage from anyone’s check. Your subscription fee is the only payment we receive. 

Do we guarantee work for our members? 

Nothing in life is guaranteed. 

Can you opt out at any time? 

Extra Mile is a monthly service for Non-Union talent, and yearly for Union and children. If for some reason you would like to end your subscription, you are never required to continue.  

Do we offer refunds? 

We do not offer refunds, however we are reasonable people who want to ensure the satisfaction of those who subscribe to our service.  We are happy to work with everyone within reason to determine a desirable outcome regarding any disputes for all concerning parties. 

Do we accept anyone and everyone?

We reserve the right to select the talent that we feel we have room for in our database.  This is a selective industry, and we try to keep our database filled with talent that we are confident we can help find opportunities for.  We always alert those that submit when/if we will be able to bring them in to register. 

How is Extra Mile different than other competitors? 

There are not many competitors out there, but we do know that our fees are the lowest of any service provided in this nature in New York City, and we have a long standing reputation of providing exceptional service for both talent and industry professionals since 2002.  

If I have any further questions, who should I contact? 

Extra Mile is available to answer any and all questions via telephone anytime between the hours of 10:00AM-6:00PM Monday through Friday (except holidays).  Our phone number is 212.727.1011. We look forward to hearing from you!