Half Mile is our latest addition in getting kids an early head start on the road to fame.  Half Mile will serve as a booking source for background and/or principle roles, for children ages 0-17!  Half Mile will accept union and non-union children of all types and ethnicities.  The basic booking process for Half Mile is the same as it is for Extra Mile, and by providing Half Mile with your available schedule, we are able to book you as much a possible according to the current needs of the industry.  We also provide all pertinent information regarding required child work permits and trust accounts, enabling the booking process to be seamless and easy for all parents and guardians.  Not only does this help children gain valuable early exposure to industry professionals and casting directors, but this also helps them attain real on-set experience and most importantly, extra cash!   

In order to become a registered member of the Half Mile, enabling children to work on any of our upcoming projects, a photo and resume and/or contact information must be submitted for consideration.  


Extra Mile prefers emailed submissions!

For information on where to submit your photo and resume click here.